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From this year, on the shelves of bookstores it is possible to find a new book in the field of information systems development management - "Business Process Modeling", author prof.dr.sc. Josip Brumec and Ph.D. Slaven Brumec - our long-term associates with whom we have achieved successful collaborations on several major projects in the field of information systems integration and application development.

The book is intended for business professionals and managers, students of computer science, economics, computer, and other technical fields, and all experts in the field of process improvement and business performance, and during their education have not had the opportunity to acquire systematic knowledge in this field.

Alter info d.o.o. has helped publish the book and recommends the book to all lovers of a systematic view of business process management and information systems in general. More information about the book can be found on the website of our partner, the company Koris d.o.o. (link: http://koris.hr/mpp-knjiga/).

15 February 2017

Support for the publication of the book "Business Process Modeling"